What is Wes Voicing?

The Gaming Liberty has published a two-part interview with Wes plus a short article from Wes, himself. Click these links to read 'em:
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"Voices in My Head"

Fresh Victims video clips - click to see 'em! Wes is the voice of The Caps - read about it!


Wes has been enriching the eardrums of listeners since 1984.

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This is An Announcement

With his powerful, booming voice Wes is frequently called upon to bring life and excitement to both video and live events. This demo gives you just a small taste of his announcing work.

What a Character!

Wes at the microphoneFor years Wes has been sought after for his character voice work. Both live productions and recorded entertainment have employed Wes to enhance the content and entertain the audience. His list of characters includes celebrity impersonations and creatures of his own invention. More than 100 different productions can't be wrong. Listen to Wes' character demo to truly understand the depth of his talent and psychosis.
NOTE: Each demo opens in a new browser window!


From a frog prince to the voice of corporate authority, Wes has contributed to the success of numerous productions. His roles include on-screen host and simply the booming voice-over.


From selling a Lexus to a comforting PSA, Wes is the man to create commercials. Not only does his voice help you sell, he writes and produces radio commercials.


Nobody is safe from the sharpened pencil of Wes when he's composing both lyrics and the music. Dr. Demento was so scared he played Wes' “I Killed Santa” as soon as it was finished.

Washington Capitals

As the voice of the Caps, Wes has pumped-up and entertained thousands of hockey fans at the MCI Centre in Washington, D.C.

Wolfman Jack

Before his untimely passing, Wolfman Jack would never go on the air with his syndicated show without Wes by his side. Wes contributed sketch comedy (performed live!) along with witty repartee to Wolfman's rockin' radio hosting.

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