What is Wes Voicing?

The Gaming Liberty has published a two-part interview with Wes plus a short article from Wes, himself. Click these links to read 'em:
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"Voices in My Head"

Fresh Victims video clips - click to see 'em! Wes is the voice of The Caps - read about it!

Acting Up

Acting comes naturally to Wes. He’s been acting-up since grade school, and now he does it for a living. So much for the advice of every school counselor he ever had. You are likely to have seen Wes on film, television, stage, or even on your radio. Okay, maybe you didn't “see” him on your radio. Here's what critics have to say about Wes: 

The Washington Post praised Wes’ “alarmingly acute impressions,” calling him “an endless font of inventive energy.” 

Washingtonian Magazine said “Johnson suggests the spirit of John Belushi inhabiting the frame of Jackie Gleason” and called him “a wiseacre with gymnastic eyebrows.”

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Cult Classic

One of Wes' favorite films is one of his "dirtiest." John Waters selected Wes to portray a major character in his film "A Dirty Shame." Fat Fuck Frank, aka Fat Blank Frank, Fat Freak Frank, or "Triple-F," is the biker boyfriend of Selma Blair's character, Ursula Udders, and one of the Apostles of Johnny Knoxville's character, Ray-Ray Perkins. Wes was thrilled to work with the Dreamland gang, and to have scenes with one of his heroes, Tracey Ullman. If you picked up the uncut theatrical version of "A Dirty Shame," you could hear John Waters praising Wes’ work in his commentary track. The NC-17 version has tons of extra features, including the 90 minute documentary "All the Dirt on A Dirty Shame." The hilarious documentary features Wes prominently (just in case the actual film didn't provide enough Johnson for one sitting).

To learn more about Wes and his role in "A Dirty Shame" visit these websites to read articles and interviews with Wes:


But wait! There’s more! Wes is a veteran of more than a dozen feature films and television productions. Click here to see a comprehensive list of Wes’ work at IMDB. Below is a collection of links and online videos featuring performances by Wes, his writing and producing:

Oh, so you’re all business eh?  Well here’s the cold, hard facts...

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