What is Wes Voicing?

The Gaming Liberty has published a two-part interview with Wes plus a short article from Wes, himself. Click these links to read 'em:
Interview: Part 1
Interview: Part 2
"Voices in My Head"

Fresh Victims video clips - click to see 'em! Wes is the voice of The Caps - read about it!

Demo DVD

The best way to see how Wes can add that special something is to see him in action. Now you can! All his precious moments of performance have been archived into the digital convenience of a video DVD. Call now and request Wes’ demo DVD packed full of scrumptious goodies.


The DVD includes recent and vintage Wes in performances ranging from live stage productions, guerrilla video, fine television productions along with feature films. If you need a little taste of what Wes has to offer, this DVD is the ticket. Just beware of the really bad wigs!

To request your copy, please contact:
Unique Talent Group
Sarah Halpern


But wait! There’s more!
You can also get your hands on some of the commerical releases that have employed Wes in their production. Below are a few with links for online purchasing:


John Waters is “up” to his old tricks again. Bringing back the spirit of some of his early work, “A Dirty Shame” portrays the battle between sex addicts and neuters. This hilarious DVD includes the theatrical release with more than 90-minutes of extra features (many of which showcase Wes). Purchase the DVD through the link below:



“Ted’s 12” is about a young man entering adolescence in the 1980’s. Wes plays Ted’s father, who can't seem to keep his hands off of Ted’s mom! It's an independent film that includes a very talented ensemble cast. You can purchase, and even preview, the DVD through the link below:


There's always more. Click the links below to purchase other films in which Wes was featured:


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