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Such haunting voices from such a sweet mug.
I just spent a few weeks lending voice to a video game that you are definitely GOING TO WANT.  It's called Oblivion, and it is a sequel to the game Morrowind (I was also a voice on that game). Oblivion has already scored HUGE awards and positive reviews from E3, and is considered to be the most anticipated role playing game ever. Download the trailer for the game at http://www.theelderscrolls.com, and see why. As you watch the amazingly lush graphics and listen to the incredible voice of Patrick Stewart, you'll start to drool. Just make sure your keyboard is protected. 

Wes with cool Mark, the Bethesda guy, and Chip, who owns Absolute Pitch. Both great guys.

Recording at Absolute Pitch Studios in Bethesda was a blast. I had a grand time playing Imperial soldiers, guards, merchants and thieves. It was especially fun playing the bad guys, as well as many nasty demons. Chip and Grant of Absolute Pitch are GREAT guys who really know their stuff, and working with Mark Lampert of Bethesda Softworks was a real pleasure.  In fact, I was kind of sad when we finished reading, even if the dialogue WAS thicker than a phone book.

Oblivion will be available on PC and the new XBOX 360 March 20, 2006. I'm looking forward to the game's release, just as I'm sure you're looking forward to killing me with a broadsword.

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Click here to see the Oblivion trailer - it's worth the time to download!


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