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"Voices in My Head"

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48-hour Film Festival

Josh Davis as James, and Wes Johnson as Jonah in "Road to Mu."
Over the weekend, I was God.  Well, kinda.  I was Jonah, who is "God-esque."  I was also a gay man and a lesbian, both of whom blow mean glass sculptures.  That kind of craziness is what the 48 Hour Film Project is all about, and I participated in two films, both of which will be shown this WEDNESDAY NIGHT at the AFI SILVER in Silver Spring, MD.  The shows start at 9:15pm.

Josh and Chip line up a shot with Tanya at Cafe Monet.
Look for me as Jonah in Chip Franklin's "Road to Mu," costarring Josh Davis. I'm the one in the ill fitting Hawaiian shirt.  And I'll be a living doll as flamboyant Tony in Travesty's "Den Forpagters Hus" alongside Dave Nuttycombe, Shari Elliker, Tom Welsh, Pat Carroll, Rich West and Brad Dismukes

Here are a few production shots from the Chip shoot. And for some of the insane shots from the Travesy film, watch this space! 

Want to Learn More?

Chip and I with the wonderful Brenna McDonough.
Click here for Tickets.
For more information about the project, visit www.48hourfilm.com.

Sometimes, filming is like a chain gang...

With only 48 Hours to make a film, Chip Franklin is calm enough to get a few rounds in.

While everyone continues filming, Rex is hard at work editing. 28 hours to go...

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